Third World Launches New Online Merchandise Store

Third World Band - E-Store

Online store for international superstar reggae band "Third World".

International Jamaican reggae superstars Third World announce the launch of their official online merchandise store. KGeneration, Inc., the company that handles the band’s physical and online retail has teamed up with Mouse Media to offer fans a user-friendly solution for purchase of Third World gear such as graphic t-shirts and other memorabilia.

“We needed to partner up with a firm that could deliver a quick turn key solution and understand our marketing needs,” said Jahreece Daley, Director of Operations at KGeneration, Inc. “We are pleased that Mouse Media is onboard with us to help us achieve all of our online initiatives.”

Third World is widely recognized as one of the legendary bands of reggae history. Michael “Ibo” Cooper, one of the founding members, declared: “Third World is now the longest-existing unit ever in Jamaican music history.” While a few other reggae bands approach their mark of longevity, Third World is distinctive by virtue of their crossover skill: a great deal of their success grew from their ability to blend reggae music with other sounds, particularly those coming out of black American culture.

Third World Band E-Store - Product Page

Snapshot of product page. TWB E-Store has cutting edge designs with worldwide appeal.

The band has a new lineup in present time and continues to tour extensively. A new album is expected in late 2008. The new online store will feature a brand new product line of tees that reflect themes from the bands numerous classic albums.

“Our goal is blend to modern styles and trends with the historic themes and artworks of Third World’s albums,” stated Daley. “We have teamed up with designers that grasp the band’s diverse cultural and musical legacy and are excited about this product line.”


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