Transcendence’s Ed Hale Selected for Iran Peace Delegation

On February 25th, 13 delegates from the United States will be going on a Peace Delegation to the country of Iran with The Fellowship of Reconciliation ( – an organization started in 1914 in Switzerland to prevent war in Europe. TMG Records is proud to announce that Transcendence lead singer Ed Hale has been chosen to be one of the 13 delegates.

The group will tour Iran for two-weeks, primarily focusing on the major city of Tehran. The group will visit schools, universities, newspapers, and TV stations to foster more harmony and solidarity between the American and Iranian people. The Fellowship of Reconciliation has now been sponsoring trips such as these for over eighty years all over the world and has headquarters in over 40 countries. The organization’s primary mission is to foster peace and understanding between peoples of different cultures and prevent wars.

We are excited to invite friends and fans of Ed’s to play a part in this very special event. We are raising the funds to help pay Ed’s fee using the super-cool “ChipIn widget.” Fans and friends can simply click the “donate” button and using Paypal contribute anything they want to. With the Transcendence fan base, even if people donate small amounts such as $5, we will easily raise the necessary travel cost. And the ChipIn Widget tracks the progress in real-time so everyone can log-on at anytime to see how much money has been collected and watch as we reach the goal!

To read more of the background story of this very special trip, check out Ed’s blogs about the trip at his own website. To learn more about the Fellowship of Reconciliation organization and how you can become involved click below.

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