Miami FC, Fire Advertainment, and Mouse Media Launch Miami FC

Miami FC teamed up with Fire Advertainment to launch an ambicious advertising campaign with the purpose to pack the stadium for Miami FC’s last home game of the season on September 19, 2009. In turn, fans will be able to shave their heads, the players’ heads that is. Mouse Media created the back-end, front-end portal, and web logistics to administer this campaign.
The portal is community-based driven website where users can view and upload videos, photos, blogs, forums and interact with each other. The interactivity will determine which players will be selected to lose their hair.
Below is the press release from Miami FC’s official website:
Miami FC Going Bald for Fans! In effort to mobilize South Florida soccer Supporters, Miami FC to Shave Heads for Regular Season Finale – September 19th
The Miami FC team has put their heads on the line this season, launching a challenge to fans that will ultimately leave the entire team bald. In a bid to show fans their passion for the game, the players of Miami FC, along with Head Coach Zinho and President, Aaron Davidson, have agreed to shave their heads bald for the September 19th game that will be held at Lockhart Stadium at 8pm vs. the Puerto Rico Islanders. In a challenge to unite South Florida around soccer and prove to the world that South Florida really wants and supports soccer, the team has agreed to go bald to fill seats.
To launch the challenge, Miami FC has joined forces with Fire Advertainment to let fans in on the team’s progress. For every 500 tickets Miami FC sells for the September 19th game, one of the players, renowned Coach Zinho, or team President, Aaron Davidson, will shave his head bald. Fans will soon be able to send their comments and suggestions to the team regarding which player or staff members’ scalp they would like to see. All these messages will decide the order in which heads will be shaved.
“I am willing to shave off one of my most prized possessions – my hair – in return for a stadium filled with Miami FC fans,” stated Aaron Davidson, President of the team, as he pointed to his abundant, salt and pepper locks.
The balding Blues are giving their fans and prospective fans a taste of what’s to come through entertaining footage that can be seen on and Miami FC’s official MySpace, Facebook and Twitter pages.

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