Marilyn Mazzi Photography and Happy Cheez featured in Vanidades Bolivia

MM Photo featured in Vanidades Bolivia - June 2011

This past May-June, Marilyn Mazzi Photography, toured Santa Cruz, Bolivia as part of tourPhotos Santa Cruz 2011 and Happy Cheez.  Happy Cheez is Marilyn Mazzi’s fundraising campaign that donates proceeds to local charities.  For this tour, Marilyn Mazzi Photography worked with Operación Sonrisa – Bolivia.

Marilyn Mazzi is focused on “giving back”, since she captures moments, a way to do this was to give back with smiles, hence the name “Happy Cheez” for charity fundraising campaign.

Vanidades Bolivia Collage

Vanidades Bolivia MM Photo

During her visit in Santa Cruz, various local celebrities signed up for sessions and subsequently she garnered the attention of the local media.  Visit her Facebook page for more information.  Vanidades is one of the most popular Spanish language women’s magazines and launched the Bolivia edition in February of 2011. The profile of the magazine is intended to be for women, addressing them in a friendly manner and serving as a guide to help them keep up with the trends in fashion, culture, arts, health and beauty. To guarantee its market success the magazine is edited locally in some cases, blending national preferences with international trends and always following its traditionally classical style.

  • Since the first mission, Operation Smile has conducted free medical evaluations and 3.277 has given new smiles to bolivian children 1.598 through 1.969 surgical procedures.
  • Foundation legally established in Bolivia since 1999.
  • Donations are deductible from income taxes.
  • We receive funds from our parent company, however, we aim to be self sustainable, so we do fundraising efforts in our country.
  • We have the commitment of volunteers, the contribution of sponsors and government support.
  • We offer educational programs for all stakeholders, nationally and internationally.


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