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Entrenar.se is the cloud version of our state of the art e-learning and training platform. Create. Share. Learn.

Built from the ground up, Entrenar.se relies on more than 5 years of experience delivering online training to tens of thousands of people. Now you can create and deploy effective and impressive online training without breaking your budget. Track results, measure training effectiveness, learning outcomes, and long-term knowledge retention with our exclusive set of tools and reporting capabilities. No downloads nor software installation is required.  Simply create and share your presentation using our online modules. Discover the tools that make quick creation of high-impact training content possible with Entrenar.se!

More Than 40,000 Users
Since 2008, our platform has trained over 40,000 users.

Create. Share. Learn.
Use the presentation tools that are familiar to you. Entrenar.se supports video uploads, YouTube, Microsoft PowerPoint, JPGs, GIFs, and PNGs. You can even create your own with our presentation creator.  Share your training links with via email and popular social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.
Gain valuable insight from your target audience. Learn who viewed specific videos, when and where they viewed it, time spent, and even how they answered quizzes.

 Jam packed with a set of useful tools to learn, engage, and quantify  data.

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To create high-impact training content, you can use all the popular formats available today.  Entrenar.se supports video, YouTube, PowerPoint files, .SWF animations and also contains advanced functionality to import and read Adobe® Presenter files.


Entrenar.se let you combine all kinds of supported files. You can modify the slide order, change your speaker image, add audio, and even change background colors.

Manage your trainers and presenters with information such as email, name, bio, and photograph and assign them a presentation.  Entrenar.se allows you to designate a teacher for each course, thus enabling trainees to reach out for further information, knowledge, or assistance

Before you hit publish and go live with your work, Entrenar.se lets you preview your presentation.  You can add, delete, replace, and change the order of the slides and even modify background colors, slide titles, and trainer slide designation.

Packed with robust analytic tools, you can track your presentations and monitor for the most relevant information. Entrenar.se displays trainer information, trainee activity, presentation status, individual and overall views, quiz and survey results all in one central dashboard interface.  Data exports in .csv and Excel formats allow for further data analysis and sharing.

Adding users or trainees to participate is simple and easy.  With Entrenar.se you can manually add trainees or import via an Excel document.  Using the dashboard panel you can organize your participants in groups such as region, district, division, branch, manager, tellers…the possibilities are endless!

You can configure automated email notifications to your trainees such as invitations, reminders, and evaluation reports and configure the settings based on your preferences. Entrenar.se allows you to manage the content inside course invitations, evaluation results, and even thank you messages after a presentation has been completed.  With our manual reminders feature, you can send multiple notifications to a specific group of trainees at any moment with a simple click.

The Entrenar.se video player provides the user an intuitive interface for your trainees.  Whether you display a quiz, video, a slide, or an image, all content is presented in this unique viewer.  You can also attach documents to your presentations.  In the “downloads” section, your participants can download enduring materials, meeting handouts, or other related documents for users to follow along the presentations. 

 Entrenar.se supports several question types such as multiple choice, multiple correct, and graded scales.

Entrenar.se offers an evaluation / survey platform for your presentations, which you can add as a slide in the content. Our robust evaluation/survey tool is ideal to measure learning outcomes, assessing knowledge gaps, and learning patterns. This feature can embedded before, during, and the end of presentations and are ideal to measure of level knowledge of your participants in specific subject matter and also key to receive feedback.

Decide the pass or fail criteria. Trainers can assign an approval percentage as well as the amount of attempts per question.  You can even customize the feedback answer rationale for incorrect choices.

Inform your students on where they went wrong and why by offering them a report of their evaluation or quiz along with the trainer’s feedback to the incorrect answers.


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