Translation Services

English-Spanish or Spanish-English translations.

Our translation services include all type document translations from Spanish to English, English to Spanish and French to Spanish.

Our chief editor  is a qualified and experienced translator, with an Oxford University Proficiency Translation in Spanish to English and English to Spanish and Nancy University French Language Certificate.   With this expertise we provide you with quick and accurate results for all your translation needs in the languages mentioned above.

Our rates vary according to complexity, length and delivery time. They normally range from $ 0.06 to $ 0.10 per word.  Email our editor today for more info and a request a quote.  Once project is agreed upon, and your translation assets are delivered,  a payment link will be emailed to you.


Translation Projects We can Provide

General Translation

Whether your project is under 100 words or over 10,000, Mouse Media’s translation team can provide you with a prompt and accurate translation from a qualified native speaker of the target language. General translations can come in any format, including documents, reports, essays and web pages – for translations involving a specific field of work (e.g. legal or technical documents), please take a look at the translation options below.

Website Translation

We can take your existing site, prepare a translation document (to make it easy for the website designer/programmer later on), and then translate it , making sure it is always done in context. We also take care of the little details that are often missed including: terms and conditions, inquiry forms and auto-responder emails.

Website Proofreading

Of course, when all of these processes are complete, it makes sense for a fresh pair of eyes (belonging to another native speaker translator) to go over the foreign version to make sure everything looks perfect. If you don’t have your own in-house linguist, this is something that we can provide as well.

We  will definitely save you time and effort, and will always look for the lowest cost solutions to satisfy your needs. If you are looking for translation and/or localization/foreign SEO of your website, please contact us. We are ready to help.

Medical Translation

When it comes to translating medical documents, it is of the utmost importance that your translation is completed with accuracy and speed, and is fully comprehensible by the medical professionals who will rely on it. Medical and pharmaceutical texts are generally hard to understand in the source language due to the amount of specific terminology, so it is vital that the end translation is not only technically and stylistically sound, but also, more importantly, wholly intelligible to a native speaker.

Technical Translation

We specialize in the expert translation of even the most complex technical documents. My range of expertise includes manuals, books, contracts and proposals, scientific papers, medical documentation, business correspondence, software and more -including vital but often forgotten information such as terms and conditions, customer inquiry forms, and auto-responder emails.

Marketing Translation

We will provide you with close personal attention in order to give you service that corresponds to the intricacies of your specific language needs. Mouse Media can assist with special marketing translation projects including brochures, magazine advertisements, websites, business cards and cover letters. My services guarantee accurate, well-written translations of marketing, advertising, PR and other promotional documents, brochures and flyers, guaranteeing not only linguistic skill but technical expertise.

Literary Translation

Literary translation is not so much an effort to provide a verbatim, word-for-word translation of the source text; but rather an attempt to convey the author’s original message, and to evoke the same mood and flair of the original narrative to a foreign audience. Besides having a deep knowledge of the foreign languages and cultures involved, literary translators are more often than not also creative writers and literature experts.

Literary translators translate novels, short stories, plays, poems and the like; encompassing both classical and contemporary works. In recent years, the literary translation field has regularly included the film and theatre industries, adding film and theatre subtitling and dubbing to their repertoire.

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