Web Hosting

Okay, so you want to build a a brand new website. Or you already have a website and want to host it elsewhere. After registering or transferring your domain you will need a place to host your site.

What is Shared Hosting?

Think of shared hosting as “cyber rent”. Just like you can rent an apartment in a condo, website hosting is renting space in a server. An just like apartment condos, hosting plans come in different sizes, configurations, and have various amenities.

Affordable Hosting Plans

Mouse Media’s hosting plans are economical, practical, and easy to manage. For the individual who wants a simple, personal website, or for a quick startup business to even a large corporation with with large amounts of storage and bandwidth, with Mouse Media’s affordable prices come with full 24/7 customer support. No setup fees and annual commitment required.

Select Plan

Plan # 1: Economy $ 7.99

Plan Features

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Plan # 2: Deluxe $ 11.99

Plan Features

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Plan # 3: Ultimate $ 14.99

Plan Features

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